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Jun 10 '10

To perform their job safely and effectively, radiographers may require to have an expertise in human anatomy, patient care, radiation safety, and radiographic techniques, as well as other subjects. X-ray technician courses at respected hospitals, colleges, and universities may provide essential training in these core areas.

Topics might be Covered in X-Ray Technician Courses?

  • X-ray tech courses may provide instruction in patient care, radiographic equipment and techniques, radiation physics, and core sciences, including anatomy, physiology, radiobiology, and pathology.
  • Patient positioning, examination procedures, radiation safety, medical ethics, and the use of advanced medical imaging devices and computers are also taught in x-ray tech courses.
  • Students may expect both classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training with experienced radiologic technologists as part of their x-ray technician curriculum.

Are there Additional X-Ray Technician Courses to Take after Graduation?

  • Enrolling in continuing education courses is a good idea in any technical field, increasing your skills and career options. The x-ray technician field is no exception.
  • Continuing education may also necessary to maintain one's registration with The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. ARRT certification may improve your x-ray technician career opportunities and earning power.

X-ray technician schools - your doorway to the technical workforce.

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X-Ray Technician Schools

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