X-Ray Technician Schools in Las Vegas, NV

Get ready for desert life: Las Vegas is one hot, arid place, complete with stunning mountain vistas, palm trees and very little grass to mow for the more than 500,000 residents. It's a city that has experienced a big boom in population growth, thanks in part to business-friendly tax laws and a generally low cost of living, not to mention that some of the country's top casinos, shows and restaurants are right down the street.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 910 radiologic technologists and technicians in the Las Vegas metro area earned a mean annual wage of $67,470 in 2010, compared to $65,960 statewide.

Why consider x-ray technician schools in Las Vegas, NV

Those looking for training in Las Vegas may find interesting options, including both a traditional campus and online program at the Pima Medical Institute. The College of Southern Nevada may offers a related ultrasound program, while the University of Nevada-Las Vegas has a four-year radiography program. Other online schools may offer some of the prerequisite courses needed to enroll in x-ray technician training programs.

Casinos and hotels may be some of the biggest employers in Las Vegas, but those casino employees still need health care. Graduates of x-ray technician schools may have several major health centers and hospitals to choose from when it comes to potential employers in the area, including:

  • Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center
  • University Medical Center
  • MountainView Hospital

Add those kinds of opportunities to affordable housing and local radiography programs, and x-ray technician schools in Las Vegas, NV seem like a safe bet.

Featured X-Ray Technician Schools in Las Vegas

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