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X-Ray Technician Schools in South Carolina

Students who attend radiology technician school in South Carolina have many different options for employment within the state upon completion of a degree program.

Where to Study and Work as an X-Ray Technician in South Carolina

The Charleston, North Charleston, and Summervillle areas employed 520 x-ray technicians in 2009 -- at an annual mean salary of almost $50,000. Radiological technicians with the most experience earned just upwards of $65,000 per year in the area.

In Columbia, South Carolina's largest city, there were 650 x-ray technicians working in 2009 -- and average wages were much higher in the state's capital, just over $61,000 annually. Salaries decline a bit in the state's smaller cities: x-ray technicians working in Spartanburg, for example, earn about $45,000 per year, and in Sumter annual salaries average $34,180.

In total, there were 3,210 x-ray technicians working in South Carolina in 2009, earning annual mean wages of $50,470. The top 10 percent of radiology technicians in the state earned just over $65,000 annually.

South Carolina x-ray technician schools include many online universities with brick-and-mortar campus locations as well, such as South University in Columbia. A highly touted radiology technician program also can be found at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

Things to Do in South Carolina

Students in Columbia can find a diversion from studies at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, which has more than 2,000 animals, or check out the Museum of Confederate History in Greenville. Lake Murray -- and dozens of other South Carolina lakes -- boast some of the best bass fishing on the East Coast. The city of Charleston is steeped in Southern and Civil War history, and must not be missed.

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